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Microsoft Power BI for Cyber Research (Global Map of CERT/CIRT/CSIRTs)

Both due to the growing number of data sources I am using and the archaic presentation/charting options available in Microsoft Excel I am going to trial Microsoft Power BI to see if it's valuable to my work. Power BI was recommended by Philip Lafeber from Hofstede Insights, who has been helping me better understand the National Culture work of Prof. Geert Hofstede so that I apply my cybercriminal research appropriately.

My first test of using Power BI is to simply display the presence (or lack thereof) of government, national, and sectoral CERT/CIRT/CSIRTs around the world.

The interactive report (hover over) is below. It's far from perfect but it's a work in progress but the general idea is to display which countries have existing government, national and/or sectoral CERT/CIRT/CSIRTs in place. The size of the circle is based on a score (exists=100, in development = 50, doesn't exist =1) and then the color is based on the score. So, a larger circle represents a higher score and as such the existence of at least one type of CERT/CIRT/CSIRT whereas the smaller red circles basically show that the country doesn't have a government, national or sectoral CERT/CIRT/CSIRT.


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